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So Marrakech

Nahnah Mint

Nahnah Mint

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Each tin contains 5 caffeine pyramid tea bags

Instructions: Steep 1 bag in 250ml hot water (85 - 95 degrees celsius) for 3-5 minutes

Nahnah, Moroccan mint in pyramid bags, a high-end version of this traditional aromatic plant.

Our mint is harvested by hand and carefully dried to preserve all its taste and aromatic properties. Our 'pyramid' sachets are designed to offer an optimal infusion and a complete release of aromas and flavors.

The boxes of the reference 'Nahnah' have a unique design that pays tribute to Moroccan culture. Indeed, the design represents the emblematic teapot of Morocco, also called "berrad" in Arabic. This traditional teapot is often used to prepare and serve mint tea in Moroccan homes, thus symbolizing Moroccan conviviality and hospitality...

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